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Welcome to Biosafe NZ Ltd

Biosafe wastewater Treatment Systems have been designed and installed for over 30 years in New Zealand and the South Pacific Islands.

Biosafe Systems solve your wastewater discharge problems, while integrating your treated, clear, odourless daily waste back into the environment. This enhances plant life, protects our habitat and contributes towards a clean, green, sustainable lifestyle, by conserving precious fresh water and recycling all that you use.

While minimising you and your family's carbon footprint, your low maintenance, Kiwi designed and made Biosafe Treatment Plant quietly and effectively deals with your wastewater all day, every you don't have to!

The Successful Treatment Process

Biosafe Treatment Systems can easily be integrated into a new build, or alternatively, be installed with your current `Septic System' to improve your effluent disposal and upgrade your infrastructure to comply with Council requirements.

  •  Daily waste flows enter our advanced treatment plant where solids are gently separated out from the water, broken down and treated in the 5 stage process of the Biosafe Treatment Plant.

  • Wastes are settled in the pre-treatment chamber first, where they are chemically transformed by an injection of special bacteria that initiates the breakdown process.

  • Transformed bacteria then pass through a specialized filter into an Aeration Chamber. Our Biosafe 2000 Air Diffuser blows through the effluents in the Aeration Chamber, circulating the oxygen that is essential for the Aerobic Digestion Process stage of treatment.

  • Oxygen saturated liquids then pass into our unique Clarifier, designed using commercial technology to cope with the biggest of domestic requirements posed. This technology enables the Clarifier to return the settled solids to the primary chamber for secondary treatment, while passing the already treated, clear water through a final filter into the storage chamber.

  • The storage and dispersement tank circulates the neutralized water and discharges it through drippers and an external irrigation system that we have custom made to suit you and your requirements.

  • Relax and water your garden or orchard. It will flourish with the rich nutrients from Biosafe Treated Water and you will have the Peace of Mind that comes with the knowledge that you are helping the environment, while providing your family with effective, reliable services...that ultimately save you money!

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